The Farm 2019

The new season of The Farm on POP TV is a new version of the well-known format that has been ruling the screens in Slovenia for almost ten years. This year we embarked on a format innovation, where we created a modern Farm, and the property, where contestants live, is arranged to be a true modern farm. Such approach helps viewers to identify with the show and give them a whole new impression. In addition to addressing these production requirements, the content of the season has also changed.

The Farm 2019

Contestants are located in two locations, thus the content is enriched, their tasks are more interesting, especially when it is added to the turnover that the contestants in another location participate in a very important choices of competitors who decide on their placement.


This season’s focus is on the Outdoor Arena, which we initiated last season, but this season we have made a production effort to make it even bigger and more grandiose than the previous one because it was the only one. The venue is located in a large area, so this allowed us to make the games more spectacular and more impressionable.

Treniraj s Ivanom – RedBull Challenge

Casting has, as always, received a lot of attention, so the show has welcomed contestants who already participated in this format, as well as those who are brand new, but very interesting for this challenge. We are very proud of the ratings of the Farm, as it has been proven to be the most watched format in Slovenia.The show aired in September 2019.