In collaboration with National Television of Serbia, this documentary series is about the Greats of Serbian basketball with international carriers: Nikola Jokić, Boban Marjanović, Miško Ražnatović, and Duda Ivković.

„The Sixth Player“ is a story of Miško Ražnatović, a lawyer and sports agent, a man who uses his vast knowledge of sports law to take care of players and influence their growth, taking them to the biggest successes possible.

„The Joker“ represents Nikola Jokić and his path from a stout boy from Sombor to the biggest star of Denver Nuggets and the NBA League.

Treniraj s Ivanom – RedBull Challenge

„Bobby goes to Hollywood“ speaks about another exquisite talent from Serbia, Boban Marjanović, who quickly became a favorite both of his team „Dallas Mavericks“ as well as some Holywood productions.

„Maestro Ivković“ is taking a look back at the impressive career of basketball coach Duda Ivković, laureate of Yugoslav/Serbian school of basketball, whose efficacy was confirmed numerous times in some of the biggest basketball clubs around the world.


In delivering these series, the important approach in representing personalities this big, was to show the public the way they truly are. In that sense, all interviewees were asked to shed a light on segments that were important to get the full picture about our main characters, not just their ingenuity in the world of sports.

Radna akcija 2019

Also, openly and sincerely, they too speak about themselves and different phases of their growth. Thanks to this approach, the result is a wider picture of the sport itself, as well as the inseparable bond between the player, the coach, and the agent, but also other important characters that contribute to the successes of this scale.