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The documentary movie “How did we fall in love with streetball?” tells the story of one of Serbia’s basketball biggest icons, Aleksandar Đorđević, who grew up and took his first basketball steps as a child directly on the legendary „Ranch” basketball court. It was there that the young Sale dreamt about the last-second basket that would lead his team to victory and the title.

To tell the “Ranch’s” story, we must first tell the story of Serbian basketball. Why, how, and where did we fall for her? Who is the main reason basketball is ingrained in our DNA? This is the story of our country’s streetball courts. They can be found in every city and settlement. In Belgrade as well as in Čačak, Novi Sad, Kraljevo, Niš, Sombor…

“How we fell in love with streetball?” is a documentary film that depicts an omnibus of four stories that are intertwined and feature as a core thread basketball, more precisely streeetball and streetball courts, in New Belgrade, Ada Ciganlija, Čačak and Vračar…

For years, Yugoslavia’s and Serbia’s national team has reflected this passion and commitment toward the game. So, from the basketball court, we could see Kića and Moka playing “volleyball” in the European Championship final. And Kića famously said, “It is easier for me to win the World Championship than to win streetetball game at Žele’s playground in Čačak.

Treniraj s Ivanom – RedBull Challenge

Following them were masters of “organized improvisation” like as Djordjevic, Divac, Bodiroga, all the way through Teodosić to Nikola Jokić, who is the best representation of that type of performance. Is it still a fashion and a way of life?

We follow a proven street rapper in the documentary film “How did we fall in love with streetball?” whose rhymes contain the same mental approach as Jokić’s „no look-passes”, Moka’s “volleyball”, or the impudence of one Sale Đorđević and Saša Danilović – although the lyrics are full of humor, the song’s message is serious. Nikola Jelić, better known as Mikri Maus, is well-known throughout the region not only as a member of the group Prti BeeGee, but also for his skills under the hoops.

Mikri physically walks us around the streetball courts, conversing with the people while also playing a game against them. He makes them laugh with words and antics, and together they recollect great moments from the local streetball school, as well as legendary basketball moments from the region – since these are the reasons why and how did we fall in love with streetball?