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FARM 2023

A significant challenge was set before us this year: the tenth, jubilee, season of Kmetija on POP television. As the location was well known to us, since we shot the previous season there, we decided to introduce new features in the content and production of the episodes, but also to improve the already known elements of this popular TV format.

For inspiration, we took “X” as the Roman numeral for the number 10. Hence, the 10th season of Kmetija was Season X: mysterious and unpredictable. The Roman X found its place in the new visual identity of the season through the graphic elements of the credits and signatures of the participants, but also through the weekly tasks (i.e. building a vertical garden in the shape of the letter X), and finally in the Arena through the duels where the scenography elements were marked with X (mystery boxes used in the games).

In terms of content, we kept the battle of two families on the estate – one group lived in a barn next to the cows, the other in the comfort of a house with a garden. But that’s why “Village Chronicles”, the tabloid newspaper that we introduced last season, was improved this year in an unexpected way. In each family of contestants, there was one Person X, that is, a journalist from Village Chronicles on a secret assignment. None of the other participants knew of their existence, so the viewers were at an advantage knowing more than contestants. Our top-secret journalists had to play a double game, to pretend to be regular contestants while at the same time reporting to the viewers about the behind-the-scenes events and relationships between the contestants. It was an exciting start of the season, and that trend of twists and surprises continued until the end.

Radna akcija 2019

Production-wise, this season was a serious test. The weather conditions were extremely difficult, Slovenia was hit by catastrophic storms and floods, and we had to do our best not to let it affect our filming. Numerous innovations in the content required additional efforts from the teams on the field as well as in editing, and a special challenge was the record number of games and duels this season, as well as numerous sponsors that we had to incorporate in an inovative manner. So, for example, in just ten days, a small house with solar panels was built by the contestants as a part of the weekly task. To their surprise, a journalist from “Village Chronicles” returned to the Farm before finals and moved into newly built house! At the end, we would like to mention the final game that we designed, built and tested in a very short time. It was a large maze in the shape of the numeral X, worthy of the end of Farm’s jubilee and a very successful season.