Documentary series “Our Stories”

About the series

In realization of this project we used a documentary approach, throughout the filming and the editing process. With great respect for our characters, we built up a creative film document for all times. Through basketball, handball and water polo we turned around and acknowledged some big dreams of young boys, until their great successes. With the famous three point from Kecman, we gave a Lesson of Love. The episode about martial arts let us back to basic values: faith, love, and perseverance. We couldn’t wait to tell “Our Stories”.

„Crna Trava“

A film about the beauties and potentials of Crna Trava for sports, and the idea behind it was to show, through a sports race of mountain biking, which is getting to be more and more famous, the potential of nature of this neighborhood, as well as the tourist attractions of this municipality. It is one of the biggest centers of cyclotourism, especially mountain biking.

Lessons of Love

A documentary about an amazing season of basketball club Partizan. Through very rich archive footage, Duško Vujošević, Predrag Danilović, Dušan Kecman, Petar Božić and other boys remind us of the great „Lessons of Love“ which besides the obvious success, speak of team work, great renouncements, and common goals that are reachable if your are brave and devoted enough.

1993 – Resolution 757

The first part of this movie represents the great handball champions meeting in their most favourite kafana, „Black Panthers“, where they evoke memories of times when they were pretty big rockstars of a new country that had it’s own „unwritten“ rules.

1993 – Rival Brothers

The second part of the two part documentary is dedicated to the famous match of hand ball final of Yugoslavia played in May of 1993 by Partizan and Red Star. Two teams, of equal qualities, made out of some of the best players in the world, friends but also angry rivals, play the most important game of their careers, and everything stops in just a couple of seconds.

Treniraj s Ivanom – RedBull Challenge


Through a half hour episode, Bogdan Cvetković, a Parkour pioneer in Serbia and the first tracer in this area, reveals what were the challenges and the bravery it took to start off this street art, how they’ve built the community up, why it exists and what are her goals.

Straight Outta Kotež

This is a story of the path and life choices of Alen Smajlagić, a young Serbian basketball player wearing the jersey of Golden State Warriors. From Belgrade suburbs till the NBA League, Alen shows how everzthing is possible.

Choose to Live

Omnibus of four stories about sportsmen with impairment, people that give a very good example of what it means to fight back, the spirit of sports and steel will. Through four completely different stories we will show you each of the sides – activist Milica Knežević, table tennis player Mitar Palikuća, lifeguard Nikola Rabrenović and through the story of kayak, Arsen Arsenović.

Galeb – A Family Matter
The story of takweondo club Galeb is one of three decades of developing a sport that had literally no founding in the Balkans previous to that. It’s a story of Dragan Jovanovićs vision and enthusiasm that gathered up the right group of people. The challenges and fights that follow two girls, Milica Mandić and Tijana Bogdanović, that grew up in this club that formed them as people.

„First 20 Years“
„First 20 Years“ is a documentary feature film dedicated to the rise of the Serbian female volleyball representation, that was taken on a victory journey spanning two decades under mentorship of Zoran Terzić, the legendary selector and coach, who transformed a once rookie team into official World Champions in 2018.